• Mindful Pedicure 35/45 minutes $35
    Experience a signature breathing ritual created to suit your mind, body, and spirit needs. Soak your tired feet in dead sea salt and minerals while signature slow beauty massage will relieve your achy muscles and melt away tension. Nails are finely groomed and perfectly polished.
  • Slow Beauty Signature Pedicure 50/60 minutes $75
    Slow Beauty Pedicure begins with an opening breathing ritual that suits your mind, body, and spiritual needs. The signature fragrance will allow you to travel through any aroma journey while ultra luxe exfoliating and clay masque treatments will a new and restore hydration, moisture, and youthful glow. Experience the signature slow beauty massage as it melts away tension and stress while nails are finely groomed and perfectly polished.
  • Add gel polish to a nail service $10


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