Hair Removal Services

Bella Style Salon in Slidell specializes in expert hair removal services — from Brazilian and bikini waxes to brow (and everything in between!). We provide a comfortable, discreet, and professional environment for men’s and women’s waxing services.

  • Basic Bikini / $30
    Think of this as a standard bikini bottom wax. Hair is removed approx. 4 inches outside of the underwear line, as well as approx. 4” onto the leg if needed.The top line of the bikini is straightened.
  • French Bikini / $55
    This is the “in-between” bikini service, similar to a French-cut bikini bottom. Hair is removed far enough to line up with the outer labia, and approx. 2-3” from the top, resulting in a strip shape. Hair will also be removed 4” onto the leg, if necessary.**Please note: this service does not include the inner buttocks, but can be added for an additional cost.
  • Brazilian / $65
    All of the hair is removed from the area, from front to back, unless the client chooses to leave a strip at the top (this will be discussed prior to the beginning of the service in the treatment room). All of the hair from the inner & outer labia, as well as the inner buttocks is removed. If the client chooses to have the hair on her (outer) buttock cheeks removed, that is considered an additional service.
  • Half Leg / $50
    This service is available for the top or bottom half of the leg. The bottom will include the knee, feet and toes. The top will include the knee up to the crease of the leg.
  • Full Leg / $70
    A full leg wax includes legs, toes and feet, up to the crease of the leg.
  • Half Arm / $30
    This service is available for the top or bottom half of the arm. The bottom will include the elbow, hands and fingers. The top will include the elbow up to the shoulder.
  • Full Arm / $40
    This will cover the shoulder down to fingers.
  • Underarm / $25
    This service covers the entire armpit, both underarms are included.
  • Half Back / $30
    This service is available for the top or bottom half of the back. The top starts from the nape of the neck to the bottom of the shoulder blade (for women: bra line). The natural hair growth over the shoulder will be considered, but will not go onto the bicep/tricep. The bottom begins at the bottom of the shoulder blade down to the small of the back.
  • Full Back / $45
    A full back wax begins at the nape of the neck and runs down to the small of the back. This service will consider the natural hair growth over the shoulder, but will not include the bicep/tricep area.
  • Buttocks / $45
    This individual service includes the inner buttocks and outer cheeks.
  • Chest / $45
    This service begins at the collarbone and continues to the hipbone. Shoulders are not included.
  • EyeBrow Clean / $15
    After a thorough consultation, we wax the middle, top, and bottom of the eyebrow area. This is a personalized service, and includes tweezing and trimming. (Male grooming and “tween” eyebrow shaping focuses on cleanup and natural shape).
  • Lip / $12
    The sides and center of the upper and lower lip will be waxed, with special attention paid to troublesome corners.
  • Chin / $10
    This service includes the area below the lip, using the corner of the lips as a guide, around the chin to 1 inch beneath the jawbone in a diamond shape to catch all of the strays.
  • Nose / $15
    Only pesky visible hair is removed (approximately 1/8” around the outer rim), leaving the ‘good’ hair to do its ‘good’ work.
  • Ears / $15
    Hair behind and on the tragus is removed, as well as the lobe and outer rim of the ear.
  • Sideburns / $20
    This service begins at the top of the ear and follows the jawbone. A consultation with the client prior to the service will ensure the hairline around the ear is left as requested.
  • Full Face / $35
    This service covers the whole face, excluding the delicate under-eye area. The forehead and sideburns (with attention to the hairline) are waxed, as well as the cheeks, lip and chin. Eyebrows, ears, and nose are not included in this service.
  • Brow Shaping / $20 (Tinting +$15)
    All brow shapings are customized by our brow expert and start with a brow layout to help achieve your perfect shape. You can add tinting to any shaping to take your brow game to the next level.

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