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We start every hair service with a consultation to understand your hair and give you your own personalized look.  We treat every guest with complimentary extras, such as our extremely popular scalp facial to revitalize the scalp for new growth and hair health. 

You owe yourself this moment. Walk out of Bella Style Salon both looking and feeling amazing.

Hair Cuts & Styling Services

starting at $44

We specialize in women’s hair at all lengths. Our number one priority is the health of your hair, we want you to leave the salon feeling refreshed.

starting at $35

After a thorough consultation is completed to understand your desired style. Your journey begins with a neck/scalp massage and warm towel around your neck. Never pay extra for curls. 


Our services are catered specifically to you and your special event. Let Bella take care of you before your special day.


Keep your facial hair kept and not have to worry about the mess by stopping in for a quick trim with Bella!

starting at $32

Sit back and get groomed. The stylists at Bella are always learning about new men hairstyles and trends.

Hair Color Services

starting at $138

A technique also known as hair painting, we apply the color with a brush to leave a natural ombre transition of color.

starting at $84

By sectioning off your hair in foils, this allows for direct application of color on your hair. Highlights bring a new look and glow to your hair. 

starting at $119

This is a technique that is used when your desired look is a solid, lighter color that’s applied on the scalp and not in foils. It ranges from a root touch up to an overall removal of a pervious color to be lighter. 

Starting at $40

We apply the professional color in the salon, wrap it up in our special Bella Style head wraps and you wash the color out at home! Yes, you heard us right!! We are sending you home with hair color on your hair. 

starting at $67

Has it been a while since your last service? Is your color fading or needs some brighter tones? We are happy to help bring back the life to your color!


Hair toning is applied to eliminate any brassy or orange tones on your hair, often seen when bleaching dark shades of hair.


Grey hairs tend to be noticeable in both color and texture. This is an easy service to blend any of your hair signs of aging (without the commitment) !



Our botanical conditioning treatments will help improve the condition of your hair up to 84% adding shine in just 5 minutes with two treatment options of moisture and protein your stylist will choose based on the needs.


Our blowout’s perfect accessory is a glossing service. Think of it as the top coat to your nail polish. High shine lasting weeks. 


This head facial indulges your scalp in a relaxing massage with essential oils to improve circulation and stimulate hair growth.


Our signature blowout gets a bonus! During the shampoo ritual, your stylist applies a glossing treatment formulated with a toner to help revive your color and add shine with results lasting up to 6 weeks.


Our “PURE” complex keratin treatment in the all-inclusive hair treatment to smooth hair and eliminate frizz. The formaldehyde-free formula removes up to 80% Of frizz for up to 8 – 12 weeks. Each treatment includes your own full-size shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair at home.

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Wishing health, safety & well being to you + your families during this time.

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